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The People Behind New Path

Kimberly Barnes, Owner

Kimberly Barnes, Owner

I grew up with both parents being addicts…. a difficult situation for any child to deal with.  It was not an easy road for us but eventually we made it. Had they not gone into recovery I would have never gotten my family back. The relationships that were once torn apart had been rebuilt over a period of time.  I had to learn to become patient, supportive, and practice my faith during these trying years.

I then faced a bigger heartache, the passing of my father. This is where my journey began to carry on his legacy. I knew in my heart he would want me to continue this journey and walk in his footsteps. Without my father’s faith and his dedication to recovery and the 12 step program, I would not have had the opportunity to become “Daddy’s Girl”. For this I am truly grateful!

Recovery Saves Families; I know this first-hand because it has saved both my parents.  “I’m so proud of you mom and dad.”

Gary Bradshaw, General Manager
Gary Bradshaw
, General Manager


I first met Tommy in 1999 while he was living in the basement of the recovery house I moved in to. I had nothing and a job that paid $6.50 an hour.  I eventually worked for him and ran a painting crew for him. I ended up getting my old job back in HVAC. I started getting my life in order the more time clean I acquired. As time went on Tommy and I became like brothers. At one point he was in need of a general manager, saw something in me that I didn't and asked if I wanted to take the position in 2003.

Over the years, gallons of coffee, and hours of talking, I cannot count the lessons I have learned from him. He was constantly the teacher, everything from program talk to relationships, business, to credit scores, and motorcycles. He taught me everything he knew, and to this day I remain loyal to him.

I have in the recent past done interviews, written articles, and do what I can - to this day to support the recovery life for others and I try to be an example of hope by how I live my life today.

I firmly believe in, and live the 12 step principles in my life. If not for the New Path recovery house I was in, and after many tries to stay clean in the past, I may not be here today. I have plenty of friends that have had the same experiences and lead professional lives today because of Tom Bradley's compassion for others.



Thomas Mark Bradley, Founder

Thomas Bradley, Founder



Kim and TomTom and Kim

Kimberly Barnes and Thomas Bradley

Tom and Gary
Thomas Bradley and Gary Bradshaw


“I would also like thank my fiancee Sherri for her continued support and dedication to New Path and this website." 
Gary Bradshaw

                We Are a Member of The Bucks County Recovery House Association

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